"A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays."
~English Proverb
Q: What will happen to the cats and the ranch if Craig gets sick or can no longer work?
A: Craig already has a plan for trained people to immediately come and work the ranch and care for the cats should anything happen to him.
Q: With so many cats, how can Craig give them all the attention they need?
A: Craig lives on the ranch and is in tune with his cats. During feeding time, it gives him the opportunity to do a head count and see if there are any cats missing and if anyone needs special attention. It comes  from years of experience, where Craig has been trained to administer medications, IV fluids, vaccines, and most of all love and attention.
Q: How many more cats can Caboodle Ranch take in?
A: There isn't a limit to the amount of cats the ranch can have, but financial resources as well as personnel will be needed to take on large amounts of cats. No cat is ever turned away from Caboodle Ranch.
Q: If I don't have any money to donate how can I help Caboodle Ranch?
A: Donating your time is just as important to Craig. If you can spend one day a month, along with many others, that is a tremendous help to Craig. You can spend the day at the ranch doing chores and necessary cleaning and giving lots of hugs to the kitties.  
Q: How much food do the cats go through every day?
A: It takes a lot of food and a lot of money to feed the cats every day. Craig goes through five 20lb bags of Purina Cat Chow and Friskies dry cat food every day. And it takes 5 cases of the extra large cans of Friskies moist food per feeding. The cats maintain a very healthy diet and very healthy and strong bodies. 
Q: How can Craig afford to take care of so many cats and maintain the ranch as well?
A: As a nonprofit organization, Craig relies solely on your donations to keep the ranch going. Through your generosity, he is able to save hundreds of lives every year. In the beginning, Craig used every bit of his own money to establish the ranch. He then became a nonprofit to help continue his efforts. Every dollar counts. There is no such thing as a small donation.
Q: Are these cats fixed? If so, why do you have so many?
A: Yes, all our cats are fixed. This is a requirement prior to taking them in. The reason we have so many is simply because we've rescued so many, and so many have been dropped with us.
Q: Why is there a fee required for taking in a cat?
A: Caboodle Ranch requires a donation fee for each cat brought to the ranch to ensure that the cat will have the resources needed to provide it with food, veterinary care and monthly flea treatments.  Occasionally someone will donate a little extra, and this would enable someone else who doesn't have the resources, to still be able to bring their cat.
This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is extremely helpful. If you are unable to fulfill the donation fee when bringing your cat, Craig asks that you donate your time at the ranch instead. Your time and help is just as important and helps to get things done that are vitally important to the proper function of the ranch and the care of the cats.
Q. What are the requirements to place a cat at the ranch?
A. The requirements for the ranch are that each cat be up to date on their shots and be spayed/neutered.  There is a 150.00 donation fee per cat to support their food and care.  Half of the fee can be brought in cat food which is very helpful! (We use Purina Cat Chow-blue bag, and Friskies moist-extra large cans, any flavor.) We will need the paperwork on the cat as well.  When you decide, let me know and I will make you an appointment to bring the cats as well as get you directions.  Make sure you let me know where you will be coming from Jacksonville.
Q. Can you take cats from out of state?
A. Yes, we get cats from all over the US! If you plan to fly your cat  to the ranch in Florida, you can contact any airline for their regulations and requirements.  Usually, they require a ticket per pet (it may be 75-100) and a health certificate (a five minute exam from your vet saying the cat is healthy to fly).  Most airlines will not fly a pet if the arriving city's temperature is over 90 degrees. Craig picks up cats at the Jacksonville airport often.  We always ask that the arrival time is after 7pm (10pm is not too late) 
Q. How do you keeps the cats safe from Coyote or fox?
A. We have put up 5 ft fencing around the first 7 acres of the ranch. This fencing is currently being extended another 2.5 ft high, and will be wrapped with barbed wire at the very top. We will continually upgrade as necessary. 
Q. If I want to donate cat food to the ranch but do not live in the area, what is the best way to do this?
A. If you don't live in the area of the ranch, you can either order cat food online through Pet Food Direct, or through Pet Smart.  They carry Purina Cat Chow-blue bag, and the extra large cans of Friskies moist food.  You can also save on shipping costs by sending gift cards to Craig from either Pet Smart or Walmart , where he buys his food and supplies.  You can mail your food care packages directly to the ranch:
Caboodle Ranch, Inc
711 SE Benchmark Dr 
Lee, FL 32059
Q. How do you help the new cats with their new surroundings?
A. Each new cat goes through what we call an adjustment period.  This is a very important time for the new cats to get used to their new environment, new scents and sights.  It is also when Craig can watch them closely and be sure they are adjusting well and eating and drinking on their own and coming out of their shell.  The adjustment period will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, sometimes even longer. But each cat will let Craig know when they are ready to venture out of their comfy kennel and start taking a look around camp. Craig wants to be sure that every cat feels safe and at ease when they begin to discover the ranch, and this has been a fail safe way to do that.
Q. Do you allow any adoptions at the ranch?
A. No, the cats at Caboodle are permanent residents. That is their forever home. The reason they are there is because there were not enough homes to begin with. We prefer people adopt from the SPCA, local humane societies, Animal Control etc. Those are the cats that are in desperate need to be saved from 'death row'. It is very stressful to remove a cat from a home where they feel safe and loved. Once they are at the ranch, they become part of the cat family there and have everything they will ever need to live a happy healthy life.
Q. How do I make a donation?
A. You can make a donation by either mailing a check to the address listed under
"Contact Us" or you can use PayPal on our website. Any boxes of goodies for Craig or the cats can be mailed to the ranch at Caboodle Ranch / 711 SE Benchmark Drive/ Lee, FL 32059
Q.  I have a cat I need to place at the ranch that I dearly love but can  no longer care for (due to finances, litter box issues, etc). If I have a change of heart and want my cat (s) back, can I come back and pick him up?
A. We understand that parting with a cat can be very difficult and painful. But you need to be prepared to say goodbye. The ranch is a permanent home for cats and it is unfair to that cat to move it around, confuse them.  Keep in mind, are you wanting the cat back for your sake or for their sake?  Are you prepared to deal with his potty issues again and are you able to continue to care for and feed, vet your cat?  It is very important that you take the surrender of your cat seriously.  If you sincerely want your cat back it must be picked up within a week so as to lessen his confusion.  The donation fee will be retained to the ranch for the kennel space and care for your cat during that time.
Caboodle Ranch is a legitimate non-profit cat rescue society. Or, a new more humane humane society. It's not uncommon for people to find new things odd or different, so we hope you will take the time to read our FAQ's and peruse our site to better understand what we're about.
Our ultimate goal is to see more places like Caboodle Ranch spring up across the globe; places where homeless or abandoned animals go to live- not to die.