You Can Get the Best Yield When You Order From Mountain High Organics

You can get all of your compost ingredients from Mountain High Organics. They have the recipe and the ingredients for you to grow the best compost organic tea for your marijuana business. Or if you just want to grow it for yourself, this is possible too. You can get the right ingredients and you can get the formula to grow the best tea plants. This company has put a lot of work into finding just the right ingredients and just the right formula to make sure that they have the most aromatic, the most beautiful and the most yield from this great system to get you the best plants that make the best tea. When you are already in the business of growing marijuana products, having the perfect formula for these tea plants will be such a boost.compost tea If you are wondering whether or not to give this a try, once you experience the taste of this great organic compost tea, you will think that you have hit the jackpot. It’s always a good idea to stay up on things so that you have the latest products for your business. There are many growers who are in competition with you.

Organic compost tea is a great way to increase your business. If you grow these great plants, you can have the best system and the best yield. Those who are in competition with you many wonder what you are doing to have such great organic compost tea. This can be a great product for you and you may like to have the means to do this. Buying from Mountain High Organics will be a smart move for you and will help you yield a great crop. When you consider that growing the right products correctly will yield better products, you will want to make sure that you get the right formulas for the best compost and the best soil. Growing organic products is always the best way to grow as people are becoming more conscientious about what they consume. As we realize more and more the effects of chemicals on our bodies, we become more particular about what we eat. Growing organic crops is always the best way in the modern era that we live in. Carefully managing the growing system by using the best soil, the best compost, the best fertilizers and even the best water can be very important for a perfect crop and a great yield.

The marijuana nutrients in your compost tea will be a great result when you stick with Mountain High Organics. When you are considering a good company to buy products from, this is the company that you will want to stick with. They grow completely organic and they have the right formulas and ingredients to yield the best crops. It’s never too late to switch and it’s never too late to grow a better crop. Those in the market that are very particular about having the best products will want to buy from Mountain High Organics.

Audio Descriptive Services are Available for the Visibly Impaired

Audio Eye is a great company to go to when you are looking for ways to present your materials to those who are visually impaired. If you are a small film company and you are looking for a great way to be able to present your films to those who are impaired with their vision, this company of Audio Eye is a unique and leading provider of descriptive video services in the industry. They have professionals that work with them that are visually impaired to make sure that their services are of the highest quality. They have developed top quality video services that are leading the industry. In this industry, there are several terms that basically all mean the same thing. Audio description, DVS, descriptive narration, descriptive audio, descriptive video, and video descriptive are all terms used in the video description industry. Audio Description ServicesThese terms are all referred to when trying to look for helps for the visually impaired when it comes to watching movies, etc. These great helps will be perfect when you visit the company of Audio Eye. They have top notch video services that you will be very impressed with. When you are trying to help someone with a disability to have a chance to enjoy films of any kind, this is a great system that you will want to take advantage of.

For many years there has been closed captioning for those who are hearing impaired but there has been little done for those who are visually impaired. Well now there are services that are so descriptive with the right sound that people who can’t see things very well, can now listen to the story described so well with beautiful sound and music, that they can see the story in their minds. This company has worked hard to present the movie with descriptive video captioning that makes it a very easy way for visually impaired individuals to be able to watch movies of any kind with their ears. When things are presented in such great descriptive language, people who are impaired visually will be able to picture the whole scenario in their minds. This great video description services are available for everyone. They have the only user tested, consumer verified, audio description services in the industry. They offer both captioning and video description services. Their pricing is very competitive and Audio Eyes is the only place where visually impaired professionals review every described media product to guarantee the highest quality. They believe in providing extremely accurate video description services to all clients.

If you are in the film business in any form, you will want to look into the services that are provided with Audio Eyes. They can help you with the services that you are looking for to help those see their films that are visually impaired. You can contact them and they will show you what you can do and the services that will serve you best. Descriptive video services may be just what you are looking for.

You Can Get Lymphedema Care at the clinic of Avicenna Acupuncture

The clinic of Avicenna Acupuncture in Denver, is a great place to go if you are seeking help with Chinese medicine. This clinic will be a great place to go if you are wanting to get well. They can help with different aspects such as diet, acupuncture and other helps that could be great for you to have that can help you with your ailments. Many people are ready to start feeling better. Many of these same people have tried other methods and medications from doctors of medicine. These same doctors haven’t been able to help some of these people with modern medicine. The way that the clinic of Avicenna Acupuncture has dealt with these people because of their problems, is to use an alternative medicine methods that include acupuncture and diet training. When people are able to use this as a different alternative, it is surprising the difference that it makes in people’s lives that may have suffered from different ailments for many years. Alternative medicine has become more and more popular as people have been trying this and using it to get relief when other methods haven’t worked for them. After using the methods like acupuncture, many people have found that this method works to relieve symptoms and pain.

When you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, you may get to the point that you will do anything to get rid of the pain and the other symptoms from this debilitating condition. The use of various treatments, you can get relief from this condition. When you are happy with the outcome of fibromyalgia treatment, you will want to come back again and again. When you finally find a company that you are happy with, you will want to keep going back so that you can get the best treatment available.fibromyalgia clinic The company of Avicenna Acupuncture of Denver will be happy to help you so that you can start feeling better. You can trust these experts and you will learn that these methods may greatly help you. If you are ready to embark on a great journey of healing, you will want try their method of acupuncture treatment. These medical professionals have your health and happiness in mind when they treat you. They have had a lot of success with a lot of people so that they are wanting others to find out about them so that they can help others also. The success rate is amazing!

There are few medical professionals who offer Lymphedema Care, and if you are someone who is suffering from this condition, you can get great care from this clinic. The professional Petra E. Schalk, has specialized as an Occupational Therapist in Lymphedema Care. She treats children with primary Lymphedema. Igor Zielinski has been practicing Western and Chinese medicine for more than 20 years. He uses his expertise (he got his doctorate in medicine in Poland) to treat people with autoimmune diseases. He has been very successful in helping those who are ready to treat their autoimmune disease successfully!

You Will Love Chef Nation Salsa Made in Colorado

Everyone loves salsa and it is becoming the number one condiment. It can be paired with so many different foods to add flavor and moisture. People everywhere are using salsa more and more as it replaces sauces that are rich in fat and calories. Salsa is such a great option with all of the healthy ingredients that are so good for you. The salsa from Chef Nation is the best in the business and is completely healthy. With the organic ingredients which are mostly tomatoes, onion, peppers and cilantro, you will realize that this healthy option is also low in calories. This company doesn’t put any sugar in their salsa as they pick the sweetest tomatoes to give the salsa the sweetness that it needs and all natural herbs and spices along with the vegetables. Since this salsa is completely healthy, you will want to use it on many other foods besides Mexican dishes. With these great healthy ingredients, you will love having this condiment for all of your foods that you love to put salsa on. From eggs, potatoes, meats, and salads as well as all Mexican foods, you will enjoy using this great salsa from Chef Nation.

When two chefs brought their family recipes together to create these great salsa recipes and sauces, they kept getting asked for their recipes whenever they would take them to parties or other events. Buy Chef Nation SalsaSo they decided to make and sell their products so that everyone could enjoy them. When you are looking to take a great salsa to a party, this will be a great option. Their salsa recipes are delicious and completely nutritious. You will love the way that this great salsa is received whenever you decide to take it to an event. Others will love it and rave about it. If you take it in a serving bowl, others will assume you made it and they will ask you for the recipe. You can tell them to buy Chef Nation Salsa on the internet or at the store of King Soopers who carries it. Once you get your salsa and try it, you will never go back to what you were using before. This great recipe that these chefs have decided to share will be the best you have had. Once you take it to a party, others will want the recipe also and you can refer them to King Soopers Store where they can also buy theirs.

When you are looking to buy a gluten free salsa, this salsa from Chef Nation will be gluten free, sugar free, all organic and made with naturally fresh ingredients. The taste is great and you will fall in love with it. There are several options and you may want to choose all four. Once you taste this great salsa, there is no going back to what you were using. They are very particular about the tomatoes that they use along with all of the other fresh ingredients. The tomatoes give it the sweetness without any added sugar.

Cryotherapy Houston Can Be a Very Good Treatment for Sports Injuries

If you are seeking arthritis relief and you have tried everything else, you might want to consider using cryotherapy. This is a newer technique that the Japanese have used for many years. This is a safe treatment for most people but if you are worried, you can ask your doctor. If you are wanting to use this treatment for your arthritis, you might want to ask someone who’s tried it. It can be a great help and has had amazing results with some arthritis patients. If you are considering this therapy because you have severe arthritis, you will want to call on the company of Kryozen as they have the machine that you can use. They will give you your first treatment for a very good price. That way you can check it out and see how you like it. This will be a great way to see if it does the job that you want it to do for your arthritic condition. When it comes to having a great outcome, the results have been outstanding in some patients.Cryotherapy Houston You will want to try this therapy if you have come to the end of the line with different treatments for your arthritis that haven’t worked. This treatment is a great way to get the relief that you are hoping to have.

Do you have an injury that you have been trying to heal and it isn’t responding very quickly and you are ready to try something different? If your injury recovery is taking too long, you might want to try something different such as cryotherapy. This kind of treatment is very effective with sports injuries such as muscle soreness. This can also help to increase joint mobility and function after a sports injury. When you are considering cryotherapy, you might want to research and see what others are saying about it. There are many who have gotten relief from this therapy and it has sped up the process of healing tremendously. If you are wanting to do something so that you can get back to your regular exercising routine and get back to your game, you might want to consider using cryotherapy. This kind of therapy works really well for sports injuries. It is quick and it is reliable. You can use more than one treatment if one treatment doesn’t completely take care of it. It is a great healing therapy system that works well for most people and most conditions.

If you have a sports injury, this is a great treatment to try. It will work very well and you will be anxious to have a second treatment if the injury was severe. This therapy is a great advancement in healing therapy and those who have used it, usually swear by it. If you want to try it and you are leery, you can talk to someone who has tried it or you can talk to a sports medicine doctor. It will be a great way to treat your injuries when you are needing this kind of help.


If You Need a Private Investigator, You Will Want to Call Cop Call NY

Are you worried about someone that is new to the area and they are spending lots of time with your family? Do they have children that are your kids ages and they are now friendly with them? Do you sense that something isn’t right with this family and you don’t feel good about having your children over to their house? You can hire a private investigator who will do the work necessary to find out who these people are and where they came from. Do they have things that they are hiding from the past? If you hire the agency of Cop Call Consulting Investigations, they will get to the bottom of this family’s past and if they are hiding something. When they are ready to conclude the investigation, you will have all of the information that you need. Cop Call NYThey will leave no stone unturned and they will be able to find out everything that you want to know about your new neighbors. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to decide if you want to be friends with them. This is a great idea when you are not sure about a person. It never hurts to have someone checked out before you interact with them.

When you are considering hiring a private investigator, you will want to call on the company of Cop Call Consulting Investigations. They will work hard for you, no matter what the circumstances are. If you have a missing relative that you haven’t seen for years and nobody knows what happened to them, they will take the case. They will investigate every lead that they can get and they will go places that other investigators would not go. If you need to hire someone to investigate an ongoing criminal case because you feel like they aren’t getting to the truth, they will take that on. They have help many people with finding the truth and kept them from being charged with a crime that they didn’t commit. They can help you too. They understand being accused of something that you didn’t do. There is nothing worse than going to jail or prison for something that you didn’t do. If you have been accused of a crime that you didn’t commit, call on these private investigators and they will get to the bottom of what happened. You will be exonerated when they get to the truth. Being accused of something that you didn’t do can be very frightening.

If you are ready to divorce your husband because you suspect that he is having an affair but you can’t prove it and it won’t admit it, you can hire these investigators to do a marital investigation. They will do all of the surveillance needed and find the proof that you need to prove that the affair is happening. They will give you the proof so that you can show it to your husband and therefore have grounds for the divorce. You can show him the proof that you have.

USDA Mortgages Require Certain Qualifications For Your First Home Loan

There are many different home loans available, but having the right one for your situation can be important if you are having a hard time qualifying for a regular loan. If you can’t get into a home because you can’t get a decent down payment, you may want to consider a USDA home loan. With the company of First Time Homebuyers, you can get started on the process of getting your first home with a USDA home loan. This can be a great chance for you to finally get your first home. This type of loan can allow people who may not otherwise be able to qualify for a home loan, to finally get into a home. If your credit score is at least 620 and you have a few loans that you have paid faithfully on time each month, you may be able to get this type of loan. You will have to prove your worthiness, but you may not be required to have a down payment. If you are ready to make the commitment, you will want to come go visit the website of Firsthomebuyers, first. You can get started with the pre-qualification process so that you can get the loan of your dreams.

If you are not wanting to wait any longer for your own home, come into the office of Firsthomebuyers. Let them help you with your USDA home loan that you have always wanted to have.USDA mortgages If you have a good record of paying on time with at least two loans such as a credit card and a car payment, you may be eligible for a loan. When you are trying your best to have good credit, it will show with your credit score and you may be rewarded by being able to get into your first home. You may even be able to get your first home loan with no down payment. This can be a great way to be able to get into your first home. Make sure that you fill out the papers and leave nothing out. You don’t want to have your loan held up because of some technicality or even turned down because of something that was an oversight on your part. The company of First Time Homebuyers can help you with the process. They want to make sure that you are able to get into a home but you will need to study the qualifications and make sure that you are able to have the proper forms and qualifications that will help you land the loan that you want for your first home.

USDA mortgages require that you meet certain standards and qualifications. If you can meet these standards, you may be able to get into your first home. This will be a great loan for you and will get you on your way to finally owning your own home. This can be a great way for you to improve your status in life and on to be on the road to financially security.


When it Comes to Selling Cannabis, You Will want the Best Cannabis Packaging

The Cannabis Packaging that is available now with the company of Canna Containers is compliant with the laws that have been set for the cannabis sales industry. These laws must be complied with and the Canna Containers make only those containers that will be compliant with those laws. They are in the business to make sure that any business that sells cannabis will be compliant with the laws. They can get you custom packaging with your company logo on the containers and you will love the new look. This can help you with containers that are pleasing to look at with your name on them stating the amount of substance that is in the containers. You will love the new look and the way that the containers state the exact amount of the product so that you know the servings that are in each containers. Cannabis PackagingCustomers will feel very good about the new containers that will help them know exactly what products are in their containers and they will know which company they got the ingredients from. With the childproof container to the opaque color that doesn’t allow others to know what’s in the container, you will enjoy the compliancy of the containers and you will love the way that it is labeled.

If you are someone that used medical marijuana, you will want to have the safest containers possible, especially if you have children. If you are worried about a child getting into your medical marijuana, you will feel very secure knowing that you are using containers that are child proof and will not allow a child to get into. This could be very dangerous to have a child get ahold of your substance. You can have a container that has the proper dosages for your medical usage and you can feel very safe knowing that the dosage is correct. You will love the way that you can have the convenience of having your medical marijuana is these safe containers and these containers will proper labeling. This is a great way to have your medication so that you can feel safe using it. With the way that this company uses the proper medical marijuana containers with proper labeling, you will be able to get your products knowing that they are safe and ready for use. If your company wants to have proper packaging for your customers, this is a great way to use it. You can order the containers from Canna Containers which will be the right way to contain your medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana vials are great to use so that your customers will feel good knowing that they are getting the products that they thought they were getting and they will be getting compliant containers. You will be happy to know that you are getting the right products for your business purposes while selling cannabis products. You will feel good knowing that you are within the bounds of the law. Should you have the authorities come to your place of business to check things out, you will be okay.


If You Have A Missing Tooth, You Will Want to Consider a Dental Implant

When you are ready to manage your dental needs, which includes finding an oral surgeon, you will want to find the best oral surgeon in the Denver area. The surgeon that you will want to call on, is Dr. Nooni with Peak OMS. He is the best in the area and their practice has a great reputation and is the number one oral surgical office in the state. They will be the office that you will want to seek out. They are very particular about how they do things and will only use the best methods for any of your treatments. They stay up with technology and with current trends. They will never use cheap products but will only order from the companies that are reliable and use the only finest materials. If you are coming in for dental implants, there are some cheaper products out there that are available but they will never use these products because they realize that the cheaper products are not the products that are going to last years to come without any problems. You will not be happy with inferior products.Oral Surgeon Dr. Noori knows the industry well, and he will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the dental implants that they use. They are ready to help you so that you can have an attractive and beautiful smile.

People who are needing oral surgery will want to call the office of Peak OMS and get an appointment scheduled. If you are needing wisdom teeth extracted, they can surgically remove even the most complicated cases, including third wisdom teeth. Once they get you scheduled, you can relax knowing that you will be in good hands. After you have had your extractions taken care of, you will wonder why you waited so long. With the great surgeon that you will have in Dr. Noori, everything will be just fine. He is a very caring and kind oral surgeon and if you want a good “bedside manner” in a doctor, this is what you will find. Every patient is treated with respect and dignity. His background allows him to perform a wide variety of surgeries related to the mouth, jaws and face. As a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, they have to spend an extra four to six years in a hospital based residency for surgical and anesthesia training after completing dental school. This extra training qualifies Dr. Noori for all of the extra services that he is able to perform.

Everyone want to think that they are in good hands when they are having any kind of complicated procedure. This is the dental office that you will want to seek out when you are needing maxillofacial surgery. You can look at the reviews and ratings for this dental office and you will have lots of confidence in their dental staff. If you have never been in, call their office and schedule your first visit. They can get you in and show you the office and talk to you about the procedure that you are needing to have.

If You Are Worried About Child Proof Lids, You Will Want to Order Custom Marijuana Packaging for Your Medical Cannabis

If you are opening your own business selling cannabis products, you will want to have the right packaging with vials and canisters as well as Mylar bags etc. When you order your supplies for Canna Containers, you will enjoy the many products that they have for you to take advantage of.  With containers that are compliant with rules and regulations set down by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. They are very strict with the containers that are sold for medical marijuana and other purposes. With these containers that are opaque so that you can’t see into them and with the lids that are child safe, you will be complying with the rules and regulations set up by the MED. You can have the best containers and they will look very official with the way that they can have your labels on them when you get them. You can choose your labeling and this can include the amounts that are in each container. For those who are using medical marijuana in exact strengths, this can be a real time saver. Medical Marijuana ContainersThey can have vials that contain an exact amount so that they can take their substance that is needed for each usage. When you are in the business, it can be very competitive, but with the look of having a labeled container, it makes it appear very official and customers are really receptive to this kind of container.

You will love using cannabis containers that are opaque and that have child proof lids. This makes it so much safer so that your children will not be tempted to get into them. Also, you can keep track of what you have used so that if anyone (such as a curious teenager), you will know that some is missing. You are probably very particular about your marijuana usage and you are probably a very careful user. If you are using the substance for medical purposes, you will not want to use more or less than is needed. With so many people being helped with their medical marijuana needs, the market is becoming much easier to find what you need. If you are someone who depends on the drug to help you with your illness, you will want the best vials or containers possible so that you can have the medications that you need to help with the pain that you are suffering from your illness. There is proof of those with Parkinson’s disease being helped within seconds of taking the drug. You will be amazed at the difference that you can get with consuming the right amount of cannabis. Your doctor will help you with the decision and the amount to take.

Those who are using the cannabis vials are usually using them for medical purposes. You can see exactly the amount that you need to take as prescribed by your doctor.  For those who depend on the drugs for controlling their disease or illness, this can be a lifesaver to have the right vials for their medications.

You Will Be Doing Yourself a Favor By Hiring A Good Houston DWI Lawyer

The group of Thiessen Law Firm will be a great law firm to represent you with your DWI arrest. They have a lot of knowledge as this is their specialty. They will be ready to help you so that you will be able to keep your driver’s license and they will help you with the outcome of your arrest. They will not leave any stone unturned as they are ready to help you with the knowledge that they have with criminal law and with DWI cases. They are always interested in your side of the story and they will look for any witnesses that may have been around. They will investigate and find out everything that they can that will help your case. They will be very proactive so that you will have a better outcome when you go to court. They know that a DWI is life changing for everyone as it never goes away. So they want to make sure that the outcome is the right one. They want a fair and honest outcome and that is exactly how they will deal with you. They will make sure that you get treated right so that you can have the fair and predicted outcome.

When it comes to defending you, this team of Thiessen Law Firm will be looking into your defense. You will feel very secure with them defending you. They are ready to make sure that you get all of the defense that they can give you and they will make sure that it is right. They are there to be honest and fair. Houston DWI LawyerThey want to make sure that they are the defense team that is going to protect you. A Houston DWI attorney representing you will be a great asset for you and it will be the best outcome that you could ask for. If you did the crime, you know that you will have a consequence even if it’s just the fact that you have it on your record. You know that if the arrest was wrong, they will fight for you to get it off your record. They will make sure that any curve that is there is discovered if it can help your case. They want to make sure that you are able to have the help that you need in order to have a fair trial. They will be happy to take your case so that you are guaranteed a fair outcome. They will fight hard for you and they will keep fighting until it’s over. You can count on this team to help you with your “day in court.”

This team of Thiessen Law Firm will be the Harris County DWI Lawyer that you want to represent you with your DWI conviction. Once you are arrested, you will want to contact them. They will be the right firm for you. Don’t wait too long or you will lose your driver’s license. They want to help you so that you can get your life back.

A Good Social Media Strategy Will Get You Noticed by Those Seeking Your Services

When it comes to online marketing, you will want to hire a professional company to do this for your business. If you just jump in and you don’t know what you are doing, you may be sadly disappointed with the outcome. You may be able to have a great business but without the advertising on the internet, you will not be as profitable as you could be. Advertising on the internet is the best way to conduct your business and with the help of this web development company of Envolve Agency, you will be able to advertise on the internet, knowing that they will use their online marketing strategies to help your business become more visible on the internet. Once you are using this great company of Envolve, you will be amazed at the new interest in your company from the internet. First of all, they will give you a great web design. This is what they do and they do it well. They will also use online strategies that will help you get noticed on the interned when someone is doing a search for your products or services. If you have used search engine optimization, you will be closer to the top of a search and you will be able to use this method to get more hits as people click on your name since your company will be coming up closer to the top of the first page.

Once you are using a web design that has been created by Envolve, you will be getting more attention than ever before. This company will get you the business that you have always wanted since they will be getting you the attention that you have always wanted for your business.web development This internet marketing company will use social media strategies to help you get noticed and help you target certain groups that would be interested in your company. They will have the business capability to know just where to use your advertising dollar. They are a great company and they will be very pleased to help you with your online business. They know how to get you to those people who would be interested in your business. They are very good at what they do and you can trust them completely when it comes to online marketing strategies. They are very good at knowing their way around the internet and they will take your business to the top of the latter when it comes to visibility on the internet. You will love the way that they use their internet skills to help you get noticed on the internet.

When it comes to web development, this company is amazing. They will do your web development very professionally and you will be very pleased with the results. They are a great company and they will want your confidence in them so that they can succeed at being there to use your advertising dollar the way that it should be used so that you can be more visible on the internet.


Arbitrage Calculation Systems Will Timely Complete the Compliance Reporting

The firm of Arbitrage Compliance Specialists, Inc. is an independently owned firm specializing in Arbitrage Rebate and Post-Issuance Compliance. Born out of PricewaterhouseCoopers, ACS’s founders have been at the forefront of every advance and reform of the Tax Code since 1986. This firm takes the time to really know their clients so that they can better serve their needs. They realize that every client is unique and that they have unique needs. All calculations are performed by CPA’s and reviewed by their own tax attorney. These tax attorneys have been error free for 30 years. Their clients enjoy working with such an experienced and friendly staff. With the accessibility that this staff provides to their clients, they are always available when they are needed. They literally take the leg work out of Arbitrage Rebate so that you don’t have to worry about it. This firm of ACS has the experience that you can trust. They specialize in post-issuance bond compliance services to include arbitrage rebate, yield reduction, spending exceptions, private business use and record retention. Arbitrage CalculationThey employ individuals with diverse backgrounds mainly in the financial, accounting and law field. They have retained as in-hours attorney for over 30 years as well as many CPA’s. They pride themselves on the long lasting relationships that they are able to establish with their clients that happen because of the personal level of the experiences that they have with their clients.

Since they have over 30 years of experience, they have developed efficient means and accuracy for maintaining the most comprehensive arbitrage compliance programs.  You will have peace of mind knowing that they have experts that handle all bond compliance and arbitrage services while you focus on the next project. With their experience, post-issuance compliance is much easier. With the singular focus on post-issuance bond compliance, they have the flexibility to offer competitive fees while offering programs individualized for each use. Their approach is to provide you with a partner for the life of the debt issue. With their state of the art bond management and arbitrage calculation systems, they will timely complete the compliance reporting while using the most up-to-date and appropriate methodology. They provide a secure online customer record retention system and they also provide relevant continuing education for all of their clients.

Arbitrage is the ability to obtain tax-exempt bond proceeds and invest the funds in higher yielding taxable securities, resulting in a profit. Because of abuses associated with tax-exempt financings, the Federal Government has issued regulations to restrict the use of tax-exempt bond proceeds. The two main reasons for establishing the arbitrage laws are to minimize the benefits of investing tax-exempt bond proceeds and to remove the incentives to issue more bonds, issue bonds earlier or to leave bonds outstanding longer than necessary. These arbitrage laws are issued by the Congress or the Treasury Department. Tax-exempt bond issues which were issued on or after September 1, 1986 are subject to the arbitrage rebate requirements. This means that any arbitrage profit or arbitrage, be rebated to the Federal Government.