Bless Your Taste Buds with These Amazing Thai Dishes

I’m sure every one of you reading this is someone who likes to try out new kinds of food and go on an adventure with one’s taste buds. There are millions of different dishes out there from different cultures and any self-respecting foodie would want to go out and try as many as they can. Today, let’s go to Southeast Asia to the beautiful country of Thailand. Thai dishes are definitely something that you should try as the cuisine incorporates a lot of aromas into their dishes.

Thai Food Delivery

thai food

If you want to try Thai food, don’t worry about having to travel all the way to Thailand. Here in the US, you can find numerous Thai Food Restaurants and certainly you’ll find that they really serve authentic Thai food. So if you are going to be trying Thai food, what should you first go for? Well today we are going to go through a number of Thai dishes that can truly be a blessing to your taste buds.

  • Tom Yum Gong – This spicy shrimp soup is one of the most popular Thai dishes out there. When eating a bowl of tom yum, you might find your nose dripping from the heat. Tom yum is a very aromatic dish using lemongrass and lime.
  • Pad Krapow Moo Saap – The two main ingredients to this dish are pork and fried basil. The dish itself also incorporates green beans, chili, sugar, and soy sauce and you can also have the dish topped with a fried egg.
  • Som Tum – This dish is basically a Spicy Green Papaya Salad and it is for true spicy lovers. The spiciness of this dish is not something to be taken likely so when ordering this at a Thai Food Restaurant make sure you can bear the heat.
  • Khao Pad – Khao pad is the Thai version of fried rice and other than the basic ingredients of any fried rice, Khao pad also incorporates more herbs and spices to add more of an aromatic essence to the dish as is in any Thai dish.
  • Tom Kha Kai – Tom Kha Kai is a chicken dish in coconut soup. The dish itself is actually a less spicy version of Tom Yum substituting the shrimp with chicken and adding in some coconut milk which helps to reduce the heat of the chili.
  • Pad Thai – Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish which is basically fried noodles. Pad Thai is cooked in a large hot wok and incorporates onions, noodles, eggs, and bean sprouts. The noodles of Pad Thai can either be thin or thick.
  • Gaeng Daeng – This Thai dish is a Red Curry which incorporates meat and coconut milk in addition to the red curry paste and is topped off with some lime leaves. The aroma of this Thai dish will leave you and your taste buds just wanting more.

Now that you know what Thai dishes you should order, go to your nearest Thai Food Restaurant and indulge in the flavors and aromas of Thai cuisine.