Consider closed captioning services for inclusivity purposes.

Why do you think it’s important to share your media with people? Because it’s a basic right of human beings to be able to get their needs met through media. It is a basic human right to watch TV, go to the movies, read videos on-line, etc. There are many more ways that people are using audio and video to communicate information and as such people are more and more in need of closed captioning services. These services ensure that no one closed captioning services is left out of the hustle when it comes to the media. There is no denying that everywhere you look there is something flashing in your face and whether or not you agree with it, you have the right to be able to glean the information coming from that flashing. If you are someone with a sensory disability, then you can absolutely be sure to get your needs met through the services of Audio Eyes. They are a company that is educated about sensory disabilities and also will be able to help you get your needs met through their extensive knowledge about federal regulations. Here is a clip that was pulled from Audio Eye’s website to give you more of an idea of what it is that they offer to you and your loved ones:

“What is Video Description: Closed Captioning displays dialogue for those who are deaf. Descriptive video adds a voice describing the action on the screen for the blind.

“What We Do: At Audio Eyes, we provide the only user-tested, consumer verified, audio description services in the industry. We offer both captioning and video description services in multiple languages. Our pricing is competitive and we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Audio Eyes is the only place where visually impaired professionals review every described media product to guarantee the highest quality. At Audio Eyes, we believe in providing extremely accurate video description services to all our clients.

“Audio Eyes is a unique, leading provider of descriptive video services in the industry. Our talented team of audio describers, audio engineers, and voice over artists includes professionals with vision loss to ensure our video description services are of the highest quality.

“In the video description industry, there are a number of terms used that essentially mean the same thing. Some of the terms include:

  • Audio Description
  • DVS
  • Descriptive Narration
  • Descriptive Audio
  • Descriptive Video
  • Video Descriptive

“For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today or get started now with our online “request a quote” form.”

So give Audio Eyes a call today and ask them about their services. They are a company that is committed to give you the best in closed captioning services and such you are able to be inclusive in all of your services across the board. Don’t let people feel left out and don’t get yourself in trouble with the federal government by not offering the things you need in terms of audio descriptive services. Call Audio Eyes today, you won’t be sorry that you did.