Fitting your new electric bicycle with all of the accessories that you need

Once you have finally picked out your new and totally wonderful electric bike from Small Planet Bikes, you are just about on your way to having a great and easy way to get around town without having to worry about spending a lot of money on gas for a car, worrying about traffic, parking or any of those things, while still being able to get around quickly and without having to kill yourself peddle on those long journeys or any time you have a killer uphill to battle. If you bought your electric bike from Small Planet Bikes there is a good chance that you already have a lot of the things that you need but there might be a few more electric bicycle accessories that you can need. Most of what you are going to want to buy as far as electric bike accessories are the same kinds of things that you would get for any normal bike. First of all, a good lock is mandatory. You just got this new beautiful electric bike; the last thing that you would want is for someone to take it off of the street. There are a bunch of different kinds of locks that go from the pretty small and easy to carry around to the big, hefty things. You can decide on what kind of a bike lock is going to be the best fit depending on your perceived level of danger or bike theft in your neighborhood. If you are unsure, you can talk to the staff at Small Planet Bikes and they will probably have a better idea of what the needs are for that particular area. The next electric bike accessory that you are going to need to pick up is a helmet, it is important that you find one that properly fits your head and does not wiggle around at all. If your helmet is too loose and wiggles around, it is not really going to do you a lot of good. Again, if you have any questions or are not sure, the staff at Small Planet Bikes can help you with that as well. The rest of the different kinds of electric bike accessories that you can get at Small Plant Bikes are going to be more up to you. There are a bunch of useful things like baskets or saddle bags, which are two bags that hang over a rack on top of your back wheel, allowing you to carry quite a bit of stuff without having to carry it on your person. If you only plan on carrying a few things around, a simple basket might be enough. There are also a few fun and random things that you can get to make your new electric bicycle a little bit more your own and fitting your specific needs. You can find all sorts of fun bike accessories around both at Small Planet Bikes and just around town if you keep you eyes out for cool bike lights or fun ways to decorate your new Ebike.