Get your custom cannabis irrigation system from only the best

If you know anything about gardening or growing anything green, you have probably heard of the necessity of an irrigation system.  From large scale farms to a few raised beds in your backyard, irrigation is completely vital to life and thus is required.  Otherwise, you will be out there with a hose or watering can all hours of the day trying to keep your seedlings damp.  Once the seedlings are established you still need a regular irrigation plan to keep things growing.  This is where Cannabis Irrigation Supply comes into play.  They specialize in irrigation systems for large and small scale cannabis farms, but they will consult and serve any type of garden or farm that needs it.

Cannabis Irrigation Supply provides anything from a customized irrigation system to the odds and ends to complete your pre-existing set up.  For beginners they offer free system design with a purchase and for the professionals they provide the best quality products and repair services that you can mix and match in your own design.  Simple water connections offer solutions and automatic timers can make your life easier because your water will turn on and off even when you’re not there to do it.  Drip manifolds make your system organized and efficient.  Sprinklers and misters are great for those sensitive plants and flowers.  Any length of drip lines are exactly what you need to cover your long row garden beds.  Specialized fertilizer injectors will make those buds and tomatoes even riper.  And if you don’t know where exactly to begin, you can purchase complete irrigation kits to get your cannabis garden started.  Whether you are just starting out with a few plants or you have an entire greenhouse full of precious stock, you can find everything you need for irrigation at Cannabis Irrigation Supply.  They are a family owned and operated business in Vista, CA and they are ready to meet your irrigation needs.  A custom cannabis irrigation system can make the difference between selling out your stock and begging dispensaries to take your product.

Bring your questions or even bring pictures of your garden setup so that they can help you custom marijuana irrigation systemmake those tough design decisions.  You can have an indoor grow light situation or an outdoor farm with 7-foot plants – no job is too large or small for the professionals at CIS.  They have been in business for over 35 years because they have changed and adapted with the changing market.  Joyce, one of the co-owners, got her start as the founder of DIG Corporation, which is one of the very first low-volume irrigation manufacturers in the country.  In conjunction, her husband and co-owner Pete opened up the first irrigation store online to better serve those dispensers, gardeners, and farmers who couldn’t always find what they needed from big box companies.  Since those early years the team has expanded their knowledge base, grown their store, and continued to be one of the most reliable irrigation manufacturers and distributors in the Vista community.  Drop in and see what they are all about!