Heating and air conditioning make it possible to live virtually anywhere.

http://www.theacdr.comThroughout the course of human history lots of advancements were made that made the modern world possible. If someone back in the day hadn’t figured out how to manipulate and use fire, much of the modern world wouldn’t be possible. If people hadn’t realized that wheels were a great way to transport goods from one location to another it’s hard to imagine the car or airplane ever being invented. The list goes on and on. If no one had thought of and created the Internet, we’d still be writing letters to one another and reaching out to each other over landlines. The point here is simply that it’s taken a lot of great inventions throughout history for people to get to where they are today.

Two of the most overlooked inventions that have only come up within the last century are central heating and air conditioning. It’s true that for a long time people have been heating their homes with fires or cooling them by allowing the breeze to flow through, but central heating and air conditioning where a homeowner can control the temperature to a specific degree have truly changed the world. The example of the US helps to highlight this point.

Central air conditioning has only been around for a few decades. Before it was invented far fewer people lived in places like Arizona and Texas. However, once it was created and people could cool their homes to whatever temperatures they liked people started to flock to these places. Considering that in Arizona the temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees during the summer and in Houston it’s not only hot but humid, it’s not hard to see why the invention of air conditioning played such a critical role.

Thanks to advances in heating and air conditioning, it’s now possible for people to live virtually anywhere they’d like. While you certainly wouldn’t want to live in a place like Antarctica, the point remains that you actually could (and some scientists do) thanks to advances in heating and cooling. These systems have become such a central part of the modern way of living that people often overlook them, and they’re not as fancy or eye-catching as smartphones and the Internet. Nonetheless, they’ve played just as a big role in modern human society as these incredible inventions.

To realize just how dependent you are on air conditioning and heating all you have to have happen to you is for one of them to stop working. When you’re sitting inside relaxing on a cold day and your heating system stops working, it’s rather a disturbing experience. That’s because you quickly realize that the temperature in your home is dropping fast. The same thing goes for when you’re sitting inside on a hot day and your air conditioning stops working. That’s why heating and cooling repair companies like The AC Doctors do so well. They fly around from home to home making repairs to heating and cooling systems so that people can continue to live in an environment that they’ve grown accustomed to.