Most people think of landscapers as just being people that create wonderful landscape design when a home is being built, and while that is true, they do a lot more than just design and build landscapes for new construction projects. About a third of the work which landscaper undertake is fixing problems that people have with their existing landscapes. In many situations when a person has a problem with the lawn and vegetation on their property their landscaper can become their best friend. In this article we will look at some of the ways which landscape contractors can save us when we have a landscape disaster on our hands.

When a serious storm hits, the landscaping crew is there for people that need to rebuild their lawns and patio areas after the disaster. One of the most common times when a landscaper is needed is after a flood. Floods are not just a serious issue for homes, as more often than not the area of the property which is most heavily affected by a flood is the landscape. Local agencies such as, have dealt with thousands of landscapes in ruins after a big storm. A landscaper might take charge of removing the excess water which has settled into the property, a problem that could lead to structure damage in the home if not taken care of in a speedy manner. Landscapers will bring in special equipment which they use to pump out the water which can be saturated deep into the lawn and surrounding areas near the home. There is of course the question of clean up as well. Storms with heavy winds will leave a property littered with fallen branches and trees, and removing these heavy objects can be a difficult and often dangerous task. Even if the homeowner is inclined to perform the needed clean up themselves, there is still the issue of what to do with the materials collected from the cleanup. Most cities don’t allow people to just haul huge logs and trees out into the street for the garbage crews to take away. Landscaping contractors will come to the property and take the mess to the proper location where it can be broken down and disposed of. When a storm hits, the landscaper is one of the first people that a homeowner needs to call.

Landscapers also come in handy when a person moves into a new house which they love, but find that the landscape around the house is awful. Redesigning a landscape is a common task undertaken by leading landscape crews. The task of making a new landscape where an older one already exists is a much more delicate task than just creating a landscape from scratch, as the landscape designer has to be able to utilize the main elements which already exist. There is also often a lot of older trees and plants which the homeowner may want to eliminate before starting to build their new landscape design. Only the best landscaping crews should be used for landscape remodels.