How to properly clean a glass pipe using a kit

Many people enjoy the use of a glass water pipe in their smoking. In states where marijuana is legal, it is easy to find pipes of all shapes and sizes that are dedicated to providing a smooth and fun smoking experience. The main purpose behind using a water pipe, or a bong as they are more often called, is that the base houses a small bowl of water that is used in order to filter out any of the particulate matter, toxins or other impurities. That is why it is so important that a water pipe is cleaned regularly to prevent the build up on the inside of the pipe of these toxins and other particulate matter. Making a conscious effort to keep a pipe clean extends the life of the water pipe. It also makes the smoking experience much more pleasant. Not to mention that nobody likes the look of a dirty water pipe.

The best habit to get into with maintaining your water pipe is to clean it regularly. If you use it on a daily basis, you’ll probably want to clean it at least once a week. However, some areas where it is more humid and hot and dirt is more likely to collect and potentially cause the growth of mold, you may even consider cleaning up more often then that. If you are like most people, you probably do not have time to clean your pipe on a weekly basis. Fortunately, the makers of Glass pipe cleaner kits understand that and have designed there cleansers to be able to tackle even the toughest grease and built up resin. It is never too late to get into a regular habit of cleaning out your glass pipes, and you will find that the more often than you clean it out the easier it gets to be to maintain.

If you are new to the pipe cleaning experience, simply follow the steps below to make sure that you are properly and completely cleaning out your pipe:

First, you want to buy an all natural pipe cleaner kit. There are different kinds of cleaning kits for pipes based on the materials that they are made out of. If your pipe is made out of glass make sure you get a kit that is specifically designed to clean glass pipes. If your pipe is made out of a different material such as bamboo or ceramic, then make sure you get a pipe cleaning kit that is intended for that type of material such as a ceramic pipe cleaner kit. To get your pipe clean, make sure that you empty any liquids and loose material such as ash out of the pipe. Thoroughly rinse the pipe with warm water. At about 2 ounces of the cleaning solution to the pipe along with 2 ounces of water. Cover all entrances to the pipe and shake the pipe vigorously. Shake the pipe for at least 30 seconds so that it can really start to work on all of the built-up dirt.