Hunter Douglas has been the leading name in window coverings for the last thirty years, and not just in the US, but all across the globe. The Hunter Douglas name has become a symbol of quality window coverings on all five continents, and can be found anyplace fine window coverings are sold. One of the items which help but Hunter Douglas on the map as an industry leader has been Hunter Douglas Shutters. The company has been making shutters for almost forty years now, and apart from being a pioneer in different shutter trends along the way, the shutters they make have been the primary reason why no other company has been able to surpass them in the window treatment field. In this reading we will look back at the history or Hunter Douglas shutters, as well as were they are heading at the current moment.

Hunter Douglas came into fame almost instantly when they released the very first line of plastic shutters in the late 60’s. There are two things which made Hunter Douglas plastic shutters so popular. The first of those was the fact that by making shutters out of plastic, the window covering giant was able to produce the first window covering in the country which cost under fifteen dollars. Millions of Americans who would not afford window covering s before the plastic shutters were released were able for the first time to buy their window treatments in stores. The second thing about the plastic shutters is that they were the first window covering which was made which could be used both indoors and out. At the time, the concept of having window coverings on the outside of a home was very progressive. Since plastic could hold up against rain and other weather conditions, the window covering became a fixture on the outside of millions of homes in this country. Just like that, Hunter Douglas had revolutionized the world of window coverings, and had made a name for themselves which would last right up to the current day.

Another area in which Hunter Douglas has distinguished itself has been through their ale method. People today think nothing of going to an online site such as, and ordering their window coverings off the internet, but until Hunter Douglas came along and started selling over the web that wasn’t possible. Hunter Douglas was among the very first window covering companies to start selling her products over the web, something which at the time was look upon with a fair amount of skepticism. It wasn’t long however, before Hunter Douglas blinds and shades were being ordered over the web by the millions. After Hunter Douglas launched their online sales the company went from being a multi-million dollar company, to being one worth over a billion dollars. The online sale of Hunter Douglas products also help bring their window treatments into the homes of people all over the world. It might be said that Hunter Douglas being the first major company to start selling on the wbe was one of thr most important events in the company’s history.