Most people don’t know that just a few decades ago it was almost impossible to find a labradoodle breeder in your part of the country, unless you happen to live in one of the major cities. Labradoodles have only become accessible to the masses in the last few years, and with each passing year there are more and more labradoodle breeders all over the country. Here we will take a look at the reasons why labradoodles are now so easy to find, as their popularity is hardly an accident. People who want to read further information on labradoodles can visit an actual labradoodle breeder’s site at,

Labradoodles originally arrived in this country to be used as service animals for people with disabilities. A German importation company first started bringing the dogs into the country in the early 50’s, but it wasn’t until a decade later that we had our first national labradoodle breeder. Back in the old days, people who wanted a labradoodle would have to travel from all parts of the country to visit the breeds in LA, and there was such a high demand for the animals that people often were put on waiting lists in order to receive a labradoodle. Within a single decade they had become the most sought after personal assistance animal in the country, but it wasn’t long until their popularity spread to a broader group of people.

Many labradoodle puppies for sale began to be purchased because the dogs are so excellent with children. There was a lot of bad publicity during the early 70’s which dealt with children being bitten by the family pet, and while most of this bad press was probably just an exaggeration by the media, it prompted families to start taking more precaution about the type of animals they would bring into their home. Labradoodles, well known for their remarkably calm personalities, became an instant hit for modern families seeking a pet that they could trust to be around their children. The labradoodles became the go to animal for households with small children, and by the early 80’s, the dogs had become one of the most popular breeds in the country. All of a sudden, finding a labradoodle breeder wasn’t nearly as difficult as it was in the previous years.

During the following decades the popularity of labradoodles became even greater, and hundreds of labradoodle breeders started opening shop all over the country. Labradoodles had been the preferred animal of people with physical disabilities and then the most popular animal for people with small children, and in the 90’s their popularity exploded again as they became the pet of society’s upper crust. During the 90’s there were tons of movie stars that started to be seen with labradoodles, and this sparked another jump in the animal’s popularity. Labradoodles are a unique breed, and so they have always been on the expensive side, but once the country’s elite began to prefer them their price skyrocketed. Today they remain an expensive breed, but their price has come down to reasonable levels recently.