Rely on an efficient medical record management company and you’ll save money.

We can all relate to the overwhelm that comes along with having too many documents to manage. That is something that we don’t necessarily want to have to deal with or organize, hence why our desk is littered with papers. That is why so many people are reaching out to MRC Houston to help them with their medical record management. medical record retrieval When you have so many patients going through your business be it a medical facility, insurance company or more, you are going to want an organized and dependable way to organize those documents so you don’t lose anything or anyone in the shuffle. Most people aren’t aware, but the managing of documents can cost your company hundreds of dollars if it isn’t taken care of correctly. MRC Houston has a ton of programs that will help with managing documents such as their Wise Files Document Management System and Client Database. This following clip was pulled from MRC Houston’s website to show you in more detail what they will bring to the table:

“Founded in 1983, MRC provides powerful solutions to medical-legal challenges. Nationally recognized for our integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, MRC’s innovative and custom-tailored services enable clients to make sound business decisions based on medical facts.

“MRC’s original product was reviewing and summarizing published medical research findings for attorneys engaged in medical malpractice and personal injury litigation. Attorneys and insurance clients then began requesting Medical Record Reviews and Analyses; essential tools for both individual claims and mass torts, providing clients with sophisticated analyses of the medical and legal facts for each matter. MRC’s Medical Record Reviews and Analyses are commonly referred to as the best in class in the litigation support market.

“When MRC’s clients became engaged in mass tort litigation involving millions of documents, we responded by adding Medical Record Management and Retrieval Services. After surveying the market and improving on available services, MRC established a Record Retrieval service that is faster, with greater accuracy and lower total cost than the competition.

“After many years of helping clients comply with Safety Reporting requirements in tandem with our litigation support activities, MRC expanded its pharmacovigilance service offerings to Clinical and Post-Marketing Safety Support. MRC’s depth of experience in Record Retrieval, Document Management, and Medical Record Analysis has been effectively leveraged to support data validation, Adverse Event Case Review and Processing, in addition to Clinical Narrative Summary Writing.”

MRC Houston is always making sure they are able to offer you customer-driven features that will be sure to help you manage all of those documents that keep pouring in day after day. Of course these documents represent people and it’s important to give them care that they deserve. The motto of MRC Houston is for you to focus on your patients and not worry about medical document retrieval or government audits. They are able to help you by reporting capabilities that will offer litigation “snapshots” which also would include statistical analysis of data. They will help you with hyperlinking so you can utilize shortcuts for nurse work productivity and will also provide secure access to all of your documents and MRC work products. They will always be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.