Few people involved in the home construction industry haven’t pondered the idea of owning their own gutter machine. After all, gutters are an essential part of building a home, and contracting a machine shop to manufacture gutters each time a new job comes up is both expensive and timely. Today there are numerous companies that are manufacturing high-grade gutter machines for sale, machines which are capable of producing gutter art, and which can manufacture gutters faster than machines were able to in the past. Companies such as,, are even producing gutter machines which are compact enough to be taken right to a work site. Trying to decide between renting a gutter machine each time a job comes up and buying one can be a very hard task, so in this article we have highlighted a few of the advantages of both options.

For smaller construction companies that are just getting started and have only a small amount of funds to put toward expensive equipment, the option to rent may be the smartest choice. A new construction company probably doesn’t know exactly how much business they will have during their first few years, so spending a ton of cash on a gutter machine when they could put that money towards company promotion, might be a misstep. If a new construction company only works on a handful of houses in a year, the cost of a new gutter machine might be hard to justify. A company that is just getting started might be better off testing the waters to see how much business they have. if a company starts to pick up a lot of work, they can then move towards ownership of tools like a seamless gutter machine and other heavy equipment that they will start to need more regularly.

The advantages of buying a gutter machine are numerous to say the least. First of all, a gutter machine will pay for itself over time if a crew has enough work. The cost of buying a new gutter machine is very small compared to the cost of constantly hiring another company to manufacture gutters for the agency each time they get a new job. The cost of producing a gutter when a crew uses its own machine is basically nothing more than the cost of the raw materials which they use. On the other hand, machine shops today charge between fifteen and twenty dollars a square foot for manufacturing gutter for their clients. Owning a gutter machine also means that construction companies can start to take on orders from those crews which don’t have their own gutter machine, something which could result in a massive increase in profits for a construction company. There is also the factor of saving time when a crew has their own gutter machine. Going back and forth between a machine shop and a worksite can cost a company thousands of dollars in man hours. Crews that operate with their own gutter machine at the worksite can get a lot more work done in a lot shorter period of time.