The four qualities to look for in a crisis management firm.

http://www.dovetailsolutions.comThere are few things that cause more stress for CEOs across the country than dealing with a crisis. The problem with crises is that by their very nature they’re unpredictable, which means they can strike at any moment and cause untold damage to a brand. The key to dealing with such a crisis is hiring a crisis management firm that knows how to approach the situation. Such firms are experts in managing and mitigating crises as best they can be. Of course, having a successful resolution depends on the firm that gets hired. To make sure you find a firm that can help you resolve your crisis, look for one with the following four qualities.

1. Cool Demeanor. The first quality to look for in a crisis management firm is a cool demeanor. Crises often get much worse when people panic, so it’s always a good idea to hire a firm that’s going to deal with your crisis in a cool and even manner.

2. Reliability. You always need a crisis management firm that’s reliable. The difference between resolving a crisis and it getting worse can often be handling issues as soon as they come up, so having a firm that’s going to answer your calls and emails and show up to meetings on time is critical.

3. Proven Track Record. The problem that companies often face when they find themselves dealing with a crisis is that they don’t have any experience with the situation to pull from. This is why companies turn to specialized PR agencies to help them deal with the issue. However, if the PR agency they turn to doesn’t have a proven track record with crisis management then they’re going to be poking around in the dark just like the company is. Thus, it’s critical that when you hire a firm to handle your crisis management for you that they truly have experience and a proven track record in terms of dealing with such situations. Don’t work with crisis management firms that can’t show you how they’ve successfully handled other crises in the past. They must have a proven track record of success. If they don’t, there’s no way of knowing that they’ll actually be able to help you.

4. Branding Expertise. When a company finds themselves dealing with a crisis, they often are worried that the crisis will lead to damage to their brand. Since the brand is all a company really has at the end of the day, it’s a good idea that when you’re hiring a crisis management firm that you choose one with branding expertise. Their expertise will allow them to create a solution and a path forward that solves the crisis while keeping the brand intact.

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