The three things that make a great truck bed extender.

Large numbers of Americans use a truck bed extender. This convenient contraptions slide right into the back of a person’s pickup truck and then can be rolled in and out when they’re needed. They typically come with a set of shelves and some drawers or compartments, and thus are great for people who are looking to store a great deal of things in the back of their truck. For example, contractors use them to store all of their tools in an organized way, while firefighters use them because they allow them to bring more stuff with them to fire calls. They’re great inventions because they cut down on the amount of time it takes people to find certain things, which is especially important for firefighters and EMT workers.

However, you should know that not all pickup truck bed extenders are the same. Thus, to ensure that you end up with a great truck bed extender you should look for one with the following three things. If the bed extender that you’re looking at is missing one of these three things, look elsewhere.

http://www.extendobed.com1. High-Quality Build. This is by far the most important thing to look for in a pickup truck bed slide. You want an extender that’s going to keep working for a long period of time, and thus you’re going to want one that’s made of metal. You also need it to be able to support all of the weight you’re going to put on it while it’s extended out of the bed, and only high-quality extenders are going to be able to do that. Make sure the extender you end up choosing is made of metal, that it’s certified to hold the amount of weight you need it to hold, and that it’s sturdy.

2. Smooth Rollers. The second thing that’s important to look for in a truck bed extender is that it’s got smooth rollers. This basically just means that when you roll it out of the back of your truck it rolls smoothly. This is important because when you get a bunch of stuff on your extender it’s going to be heavy, and a smooth rolling system will ensure that you’re able to roll it in and out of your truck with ease.

3. A Convenient Configuration. Finally, pick a truck bed extender that’s got the right configuration for you. This means it’s got a bunch of drawers and shelves that will allow you to store your items with ease.

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