Vegans use magnetic labels to organize their refrigerators

magnetic labels

People who abide by specialty diets such as gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, vegan, high carb low fat, pescetarian, raw vegan and more are often some of the most organized people around. This is because they have to pay special attention to ingredients, recipes and the things they can and cannot eat. With the food industry constantly putting out and producing more processed foods, they must be especially mindful of reading ingredients and knowing what ingredients might be hiding in their food that actually do not fit their diet. Many dieters will read labels automatically, but some go beyond a simple diet and turn their eating habits into a complete lifestyle overhaul. Vegans are particularly good at this and will often get rid of processed foods altogether, or at least as much as possible. This means they are more likely to need stocked pantries full of whole grains and refrigerators full of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are all ingredients that require them to cook full meals. More food on hand means they need more ways to properly organize their food storage.

One of the ways vegans have found to make sure their refrigerators stay organized is by using label magnets. With so many leafy greens, containers of fruits and vegetables not to mention homemade sauces and soups, it can be easy to forget certain ingredients that get lost or stuck behind others. If this happens, particularly with fresh produce, the produce can quickly go bad and become unusable, which creates a lot of undue waste. By using magnetic labels, vegans are able to categorize their food as much or as little as they like, meaning they will never deal with a rogue bunch of kale that wilts, forgotten in the back of the fridge. A few common categories are: greens, berries, pickled vegetables, fruits, raw vegetables, citrus, herbs, dips and spreads, leftovers, meal prepped items, beans, lentils, legumes, hot sauces vegan protein likes tofu and tempeh and vegan substitutes for eggs, milk, cream cheese, shredded cheese, sour cream and more. In the vegan community, cashew, soy, almond and rice milks are common substitutes for milk and can be made into other dairy based items like cheese and sour cream.

Vegans can also use adhesive magnets in their freezers to organize leftover soups and stocks, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits and other items for smoothies. Because of all the cooking that vegans often do, and sometimes with numerous ingredients, it is important for them to be able to find their ingredients quickly and efficiently. This helps them use what is in their fridge while also making sure to cycle through their ingredients so that none of them go bad. Low waste is important to vegans so organization is a good way to manage this.

Even those who are not vegan, however, could greatly benefit from a more organized food storage system. No one likes to have food they spent money on go bad in the back of their fridge, so making sure to label everything correctly is a way to help everyone, regardless of food habits, make the most of the food in their homes.