Just as with any industry out there today, people look to the pros for ideas of where they should be buying their own products, and that is no different when it comes to window treatments. There are a number of places where the professional home decorators go when they need window coverings for their clients, and while we all wish we could afford are own home decorator, most of us can’t. What people can do however is go to the same source the pros use to get the best window coverings for their homes. In this article we look at a few of the most popular places professional decorators use when looking for window coverings, as well as the individual advantages of each place.

Amazingly, the majority of pros are using the internet to shop for window coverings these days. Sites like, www.blindquest.com, have become the go to sources for window treatments for decorators over the last few years. Home decorators are always concerned with finding the best window coverings for the homes they are working in, and the web offer a selection which o other source can match. In just a few hours a person can view more window covering options online than they could in the course of several days shopping around in different physical store locations. The web didn’t become the main source for the pros until recently however, as many sites didn’t offer the option for customizing the window coverings their customers bought. This all changed a few years back when a few of the leading window covering dealers began to take notice of the potential that offer custom window coverings had for their clients. Nowadays, the pros can go online and order custom blinds for their projects, something which saves them the hassle of having to take their window coverings to a tailor in order to have them altered.

Another source of window covering the pros love is the window covering warehouses which one finds in large metropolitan areas. If a person is lucky enough to live in a city with a window treatment distribution center nearby, there are some serious advantages to using those outlets. First of all, window covering warehouses are able to sell directly to the buyer and that means that savings are amazing. Leading window coverings can be found through warehouse sites that cost less than half as much as they would in stores, and sometimes they are even less expensive than online sites. The warehouse also tends to keep older models of window coverings which means there is the option to pick up window coverings which may one might not find on the market any longer. The one disadvantage to shopping for window treatments at the warehouse is that the buyer has to go and pick the window coverings up from the site, as there are no delivery services offered from warehouse locations. Instillation must also be done by the buyer, or the buyer has to hire a professional to set up their window coverings for them.